Young Mountain Retreat @Veidarvon/Gålå

Kurstype: Helgeretrett i Acem-meditasjon

Are you 35 years of age or younger, and are you curious about the more profound aspects of Acem Meditation? Join us on the Young Mountain retreat at Veidarvon/Gålå – now for the first time available to international people!

The program offers meditations up to three hours, guidance, and hikes in the mountains. You can come either on Thursday (October or Friday (October Welcome!

Helgeretrett i Acem-meditasjon


Kurset starter
Torsdag 19. oktober 2017, kl 18:00
Kurset slutter
Søndag 22. oktober 2017, kl 13:00
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About the retreat

One aim of the retreat is to help you master the three-hour level of long meditations. This mode of Acem Meditation furnishes for a calmer and more receptive frame of mind. Deep layers of mental stress and muscular tension are allowed to loosen up, and you can come in touch with yourself in new ways.

Small guidance groups led by experienced instructors provide you with ample opportunity to discuss your meditative experiences. This enhances meditation skills and deepens insights into central personal issues. Evening seminars explore the psychology of meditation and help you to enhance your meditative practice. 

There will also be hikes in the mountain - not too far, but nonetheless an opportunity to experience the Norwegian mountains in company with friendly, fellow meditators. We serve lactovegetarian food well suited for long meditations.



The official course language will be English, but there will also be a Norwegian/Scandinavian guidance group. Note that the number of participants is limited (only 12-14 people) so don't hesitate too long before making the decision to go. 

As far as it goes, Acem will try to arrange transport from Oslo/Oslo Airport, and Trondheim. In case this proves impossible, you must take the train to Vinstra, from where you will - in any case - get a ride to Veidarvon. (See if necessary)

Please note: To participate in this retreat, you must already have learned Acem Meditation.


Kurset arrangeres av Acem / Acem Ung


Christopher Grøndahl

Forfatter og dramatiker. Meditasjonslærer i Acem. Redaktør i Dyade.

Mattias Solli

Mattias Solli er postdoktor i filosofi ved NTNU og kurslærer i Acem.

Grunde Waag

Kurslærer i Acem siden 2008. Bidrar til drift og utvikling av Acems nettsider.  Fysiker og jobber med satellitt-kommunikasjon i Kratos Norway AS.